Ortho is proud to offer our customers the best in Beautyrest mattresses. For over a century, Beautyrest has been the leading innovator in the mattress industry. In 1925, Beautyrest invented the first pocketed coil and they continue to bring new mattress technologies to the market, delivering on their promise to help "Americans get their Beautyrest." In the 21st century, Beautyrest is focusing on creating an enhanced sleep environment that better regulates temperature and reduces motion transfer. Ortho offers its customers mattresses from the best Beautyrest offers.

Extra coils in the middle for enhanced lumbar support.
The Strongest Coil in the Industry.
Black Plus
The most advanced, most luxurious Beautyrests of them all.

Pocketed Coil® Technology

815 density independent coil structure that supports and minimizes motion

Back Care Support

Micro coils placed in the middle third of the bed to support the lumbar region

Built and Tested in USA

Turning their vision of providing "better sleep" into quality, trusted products

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